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You’ll never succeed if you’re always holding yourself back in case it doesn’t work out! You need to bite the bullet and start caring about something important with all your heart!

all you talk about these days is you and your boyfriend. i miss the old you

I’m still the same person? :/

A broad grin splashed across his face, making his eyes light up with complete and utter cheer, hoping his happiness would rub off on you. He extended a video game controller and a bowl that was filled with numerous snacks, popcorn and pretzels included. "Just so you know, I'm kickass at Mario Kart!"

Passes him back the controller and snatches the bowl, “I got a good idea. You play. I eat. Sound good?” She snickered beaming a cheeky grin

"Yo," the calm voice called out, a hand in the air and the other in the pocket of his jacket, "It's been a while." Yusuke approached her slowly, his tennis shoes scuffling against the ground in a lazy manner. He eyed her with keen brown eyes, seeing something within her own gaze. "What's goin' on? You're upset."

Startled by the voice, she quickly wiped her tears with the backs of her hands before turning to see a handsome young man walking towards. Cupping her hands to her chest she looked up at him with a pained expression. Sharing wasn’t something she usually did but there’s always room for change? Besides, what better than a stranger, “Someone has a keen eye. It’s— It’s nothing really. Just life getting me down, y’know?”

Can Anon love count? Will you be my Valentine? <3

It sure can! You can sure be my tumblr valentine sweetie! <3

Hello thar! Friendly Anon passing by! bbuuuuuut, not just ANY anon, the anon who has been sending random blurbs from Yusuke. I noticed he seems to be your favorite, and quite frankly, he seems to be my muse lately. So I thought, since it seems like you're having a hard time, I would try using my muse to help. I'm not sure if it worked or not, but I'm glad it seems that you like the small blurbs from my favorite detective! <3

I thank you so much ‘Nonny! I have appreciate the Yusuke writing so much! Not only has it been cheering me up but it’s a nostalgic reminder of my love for the hot headed spirit detective! Thank you so, so much <3

Keep up the great work!

Brown eyes softened and a sigh was released through parted lips. A single hand raked through dark, silky hair before moving and hiding in the pocket of the boy's favorite leather jacket. "Geez, all these feelings and crap... I dunno what to say..." Brown eyes rolled to the sky and soft lips released another sigh. "Alright, fine." The boy moved. His arms wrapped around you as he buried his nose in your hair, taking a deep breath as he pulled you close. "Don't worry so friggen much, 'kay?"

Beautiful writing dear ‘Nonny! :3

*knocks on door* check skype

kjjsdnfkjsd thank you poo!!!!

*Hugs you tightly* Everything's going to be alright <3

Thank you ‘Nonny! Appreciate it! <3

well i like you so fuck off with your hating

What do you mean you don't ahve the parts?

I mean, I was born this way